Apprenticeship Program: Description

The Apprentice Program is a post-graduate 2-year leadership program, which trains its students to become Group Leaders and is a pre-requisite for Claiming Full Helpership.  

During these two years of study, apprentice-helpers will be taught how to work with groups and group consciousness. Learning how to work with groups affect the apprentice-helper in all areas of his or her personal and professional life. 

As group leaders in the making,  apprentice-helpers will be taught how to:
•    develop or sharpen their interpersonal skills
•    create meaningful relationships
•    manage  tension fields 
•    face and challenge resistance and negativity
•    strengthen their ability to be more accepting and empathic 
•    improve  their level of integrity 
•    handle conflicts 
•    work with transference and counter-transference
•    be more transparent, honest and spontaneous

The Apprenticeship Program curriculum focuses on five specific elements:
1.    Observation of an experienced Pathwork Leader at work, in a  PTP / HDP class or in a  1-day workshop series or other workshops or intensives led by a senior Pathwork Vermont Helper.
2.    Individual and Group Supervision
3.    Personal group experience, acquired through the offering of Lecture Study Series, Lecture Presentations and /or Discussion groups.
4.    Individual helper sessions 
5.    Experiential Group Training with peers, acquired during a 3-day workshop offered at the end of each academic year by a senior Helper. 


In entering the Apprenticeship Program,  an apprentice-helper agrees to attend or uphold the following requirements:
a)    2 years of apprenticing in a Pathwork Vermont yearlong course or a combination of other Pathwork Vermont events. 
b)    4 hours pre-briefing and de-briefing individual supervision session, per year
c)    15 hours interim online group supervision, per year
d)    20 personal helper sessions, per year
e)    1 Lecture Study Series  (4-lecture series or 8-lecture series) per year
f)     1 Free Lecture Presentation per year
g)     1 Group Training workshop per year - not included in your tuition- that will focus on “ “How to hold groups and group process” 
h)   1 Lecture Discussion Group (optional) per year


After two years of studying how to work with groups and developing their Helpership consciousness, apprentice-helpers hearing an inner call to become full helpers are invited to start inquiring into their inner readiness to claim full Helpership. Apprentice-Helpers may complete the following requirements at their own pace.


–    Completion of the Apprenticeship Program Requirements 
–    72 sessions given to a minimum of 2 workers 
–    24 supervision sessions for the worker sessions  (1 supervision session for 3 worker sessions)


– Completion of the "Helpership Readiness Questionnaire"
Apprentice-helpers are invited to meditate upon and work through each question of the Questionnaire, guided by their Higher Self and the support of their helper.

       Upon completion of both inner and outer requirements, and with the recommendation of their teacher(s), helper and supervisor, apprentice helpers may put forth their claim to become full helper and take the Fourth Stage Commitment in front of the entire Pathwork Community.  

Once their claim has been received, the new Helpers are welcomed in the community with various ceremonies and celebrations!

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