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 “Standing in Our Truth in the Universal Self Sphere” 
with Ingrid Schirrholz  and  Alison Greene-Barton,  Senior Pathwork Helpers and Teachers

Thursday 9 am - Sunday 1 pm: 

~ November 2-5, 2017 ~  January 18-2, 2018 ~ March 15-18  ~ May 3-6
 plus 4 online classes : Dates TBA

HDP2 - The second year of HDP is about experiencing life beyond your individual defenses of the Individualized Self-Sphere of Consciousness and learning to accept the imperfections of human life from the larger perspective of the Universal Self Sphere.  This includes accepting that you have a Higher Self and a Lower Self and that the negative patterns of your life are an opportunity for growth and healing.  This also includes identifying and facing how you use your ego to trick yourself away from surrendering to God.
We will develop the skills of presence while learning to hold sacred space for the self and the other in the Universal Self-Sphere of Consciousness.  We will also learn how to use the power of the word, the power of choice and the Higher Self to align with the energy of positive intentionality for transformation.
We will practice prayer and meditation to tune into higher guidance and end the year with Christ Consciousness and exploring our unique relationship with Jesus Christ. 

Prerequisites:  Work with a Pathwork Helper, completion of the first year of the Helpership Development program / HDP1 or equivalent programs/studies.
Location: Bishop Booth Conference Center (next to North Beach), 20 Rock Point Rd, Burlington, VT 

Cost & Consideration:
a) Tuition: $ 4,200
b) Room and Meals Package: $ 1120  (includes all meals - starting with Thursday lunch and ending with Sunday Lunch -  with room cost based on double occupancy)

* Other options for Room and Meals are available and described in the Enrollment Packet. 
Tuition assistance may be available. Please inquire at isabelle@pathworkvermont.org no later than  September1st 

How to Apply: if you are interested in joining year 2 of Pathwork Vermont Helpership Program, want more information and/or would like to receive your Enrollment Packet, please contact Alison at alison@greenebartons.com or Ingrid at email@ingridschirrholz.com 

Helpership Development Program:

Year 2 / HDP2