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Helpership Development Program:



  • Year 1 - HDP1: Connecting With Our Deeper Purpose

  HDP1  is designed for mature individuals who have completed the Pathwork Transformation Program or equivalent program, who long to go deeper in their exploration of the real self and/or who are feeling called to become Pathwork Helpers and/or Teachers.

The first year of the Helpership Development Program is about grounding in our call to be in service to a higher purpose and in our ability to lead in a way that supports evolution on the planet. We do this by integrating our human and spiritual experiences, by spiritualizing matter, and by bringing the magic healing powers of love to what is wounded and split off in ourselves, in others, and around us.  

Each weekend includes opening to the larger perspective in prayer and meditation, working with the lectures as a body of material conceptually and experientially, as well as, practice sessions in which we learn the art and essence of giving and receiving with each other.  We will learn how to hold space for each other through the integration of the ego, the higher self and God.  

  •  Year 2- HDP2:  Standing In Our Truth In The Univerself Self Sphere

   HDP2- The second year of HDP is about experiencing life beyond your individual defenses of the Individualized Self-Sphere of Consciousness and learning to accept the imperfections of human life from the larger perspective of the Universal Self Sphere.  This includes accepting that you have a Higher Self and a Lower Self and that the negative patterns of your life are an opportunity for growth and healing.  This also includes identifying and facing how you use your ego to trick yourself away from surrendering to God.

 We will develop the skills of presence while learning to hold sacred space for the self and the other in the Universal Self-Sphere of Consciousness.  We will also learn how to use the power of the word, the power of choice and the Higher Self to align with the energy of positive intentionality for transformation.

We will practice prayer and meditation to tune into higher guidance and end the year with Christ Consciousness and exploring our unique relationship with Jesus Christ.  

  • Year 3- HDP3:   Purification, Transformation and Transcendence ~ Helpership from the Unitive State of Consciousness 

 The focus in year three is on how to use the key Pathwork concepts, principles and tools in working with others.
 We will work with Moira Shaw's "15 Steps" as a framework for working with Purification, Transformation and Transcendence.
We will learn the Theory and Practice of Helpership: ~ The stance of the helper. ~ deep listening. ~ strengthening the Healthy Ego.  ~ working with defenses. ~ working with resistance ~ transference and so-called transference/countertransference; etc.
 Working with Practice Partners
 Students will work with classmate practice partners, both in and out of class, to learn the "how to's" of helping others. 
 Ongoing support of the Helpership Student in maintaining Helpership Consciousness, an ability to support the Healthy Ego and the Higher Self in the worker.

  • Year 4-HDP4:  Journey to the Other                                                                                                               

Students will work with non-classmate PTP students for supervised practice of skills and consciousness inside and outside of class.
Topics in this year will include selected assessment skills from Pathwork and from Psychology.
Students will be introduced to psychological/psychotherapeutic concerns such working with Personality Disorders; Mood Disorders; Trauma; Suicidality; Addictions; Psychosis; mandated reporting laws; confidentiality issues; psychopharmacology; religious and ethnic diversity etc.
Other topics include ethical considerations, PHANA Binding Code of Conduct, establishing and maintaining inner and outer boundaries: contracts, process groups, techniques for interviewing etc.
Supervision and Teaching Component: Three hours or more on Friday afternoon before Weekend Class. Includes Group Supervision and How to Lead a Process Group. Individual supervision will be required where applicable.