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Transformation Program

No Transformation Program Course is offered for the academic year 2016-2017

 Our next PTP1/ or Year 1 of Pathwork Vermont Transformation Program - or PTP1-

will start in November 2017

SAVE THE DATES for year 1 of the Transformation Program for 2017-2018:

6 weekends: Saturday 10am-6pm AND Sunday 9am-1pm    

Nov. 4-5, 2017   December 9-10, 2017    

Jan. 20-21, 2018         Mar. 17- 18,2018     April 7-8, 2018    May 5-6, 2018 

Years 1 and 2 are the Foundation years. Each year of six, fifteen-hour weekend classes (90 hours class time per year), is whole and complete within itself. The classes are designed sequentially in each year and build upon the previous class. Students choosing to complete at the end of year 1 or year 2 will have a set of skills and tools to take away for on-going use as they enter the work place or advanced education in a degree program.

  • Year 1, or PTP1:  Relationship to Self

Students  learn to demonstrate in writing comprehension, understanding and ability to apply to one’s own development what is being read in the Pathwork lectures. In this year the emphasis is on the development of a Healthy Adult Ego, capable of self-discovery, self-knowledge, self-acceptance, self-responsibility, self-confidence: skills for managing a successful personal and professional work life. In addition there is emphasis on the difference between Emotional Reactions, which can be destructive, and Feeling Responses, and how to work with each constructively. Skills of deep listening and self-awareness are developed in Year 1 and are continued throughout the program. The concepts of Reality and Illusion are introduced in Year 1 and are continued and developed in the first four years of the program. We introduce concepts and skills for attunement, meditation, spiritual prayer, movement of energy, and intentionality…and the possibilities for living in harmony peace and love.

Skills developed in year 1:
o Building a Mature Ego
o Self- Confidence, Self- Acceptance and Self-Regulation
o Self-Reflection, Introspection and Awareness
o Objective Detachment (Emotional Maturity)
o Deep Listening


  • Year 2, or PTP2: Relationship to Other

The primary focus is on developing skills for relating to others from a mature, healthy adult ego. Skills include developing the tools for effective communication, verbally and non-verbally; self-reflection; creating healthy boundaries; the ability to see one’s affect on another and one’s own part in a conflict. With the classroom sometimes a laboratory, students have the opportunity to develop skills for relating to fellow students, to partners and family, and to colleagues in the work place, using tools of non-violent Loving Confrontation. We continue to learn how to work with Emotional Reactions and Feeling Responses, and how these affect our relationships.

Skills developed in year 2:
o Effective and Conscious Communication
o Mediation and the Art of Negotiation
o Openness and Transparency
o Healthy Boundaries
o Non-Violent Conflict Resolution and Loving Confrontation
o Observing Positive and Negative Intentionality

Year 3 and 4 / PTP3 and PTP4: Leadership Development
Year 3 and 4 are the Leadership Development years. In these two years we build upon years 1 and 2, and develop the skills of leadership. Classes are designed to be sequential and build upon the previous class. Again, each year of six, fifteen-hour weekend classes (90 hours class time per year), is whole and complete within itself. In the 2nd year of the Pathwork Development Program,       (LD2) an Application/Support Group ( 3 hrs- 5 times per year) is added to the Course in order to provide additional teaching and support to the students .

  • PTP3 (or LD1): Leadership From the Inside Out

 This year emphasizes developing the skills of emotional and intellectual maturity essential to becoming a Leader. We learn to recognize and make constructive use of our unique power to know, to perceive, to feel and to will, as tools of positive creation. We develop the skills of compassionately uncovering our capacity to harbor distorted expressions of creative consciousness, with which we use our will negatively and destructively. We continue to evaluate our inner processes, and know what we find within ourselves based on correctness of thinking, rather than on ideas of good or bad, judging or moralizing .

Skills developed in year 3  (LD1) of the Transformation Program:
o Self- Responsibility and Accountability
o Empathy, Compassion and the Art of Forgiveness
o Commitment and Right Use of Will
o Transitioning to Positive Intentionality
o Building Inner Authority
o Perseverance and self-Assertion
o Healthy Surrender

  • PTP4 (or LD2): The Art of Leadership - Leading from  Unified Consciousness

THE ART OF LEADERSHIP is a continuation of the work began in Leadership 1. In order to further develop the essential attitudes of Leadership, we will need to deepen our inner work in strengthening the Healthy Ego, through opening ourselves to the inspiration of the Higher Self and the Cosmic Energies. This year we deepen skills of discernment and objectivity as we further integrate the understanding gained in the three previous years. Students learn processes for making informed decisions and develop abilities for making wise choices. They are taught how to recognize the presence of numbness and destructiveness, and to understand their effects on ourselves, our lives and work. Students continue working with Positive Intentionality for constructively creating life and work that are meaningful and fulfilling. In this year each student will design and carry out a Leadership Project for completion within the class year. The Leadership Project is a way for students to begin practicing their skills and to experience stepping into their leadership in their workplace, community and/or family.

Skills developed and integrated in year 4 (LD2) of the Transformation Program:

Four Qualities of leadership:
o True Giving of Love / Giving Unselfishly and Wholeheartedly
o Ability to be Impartial and Objective
o Willingness to Risk Exposure and Criticism
o Transcending and Learning from Frustration
o Community Focus
o Planetary Responsibility

Students who complete Years 1 – 4 of the Pathwork Transformation Program receive a Certificate of Completion from Pathwork Vermont.