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Cynthia Cutting has been a Pathwork Helper, trained in The 50/50 Work, for 15 years and a student of the Pathwork for 22 years. As a licensed psychotherapist, she is drawn to modalities that deepen the significance of being “merely and utterly human”. Recent trainings she has completed that complement and enhance her work as a helper are Somatic Experiencing, Pre-and Perinatal Birth and Attachment Training, and Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy. She enjoys facilitating experiences of wholeness in a safe and supportive environment. Cynthia was a teacher for Pathwork Vermont for many years. She has a private practice in NYC and southern Vermont and offers individual sessions, tutorials and intensives. She can be reached at  802-348-6372 or 917-902-6144  or cynthiacutting@msn.com.

Nadya Beck,has worked for the past 33 years as a spiritual teacher, 25 years as a Pathwork Helper and her work is renown through out the Pathwork community.  She enhances the work with the lecture material with the use of sound, movement, meditation and deep process.  Through her facilitation of the work, Nadya offers participants the opportunity to explore your deepest longings in the presence of a profound teacher. Nadya has created and taught Pathwork Helpership programs and Intensives in Europe and South America as well as the USA and Canada. She currently lives in Worcester Vermont, where she continues to hold her practice. She can be reached at 802-224-0334 or nadyabeck@gmail.com. 

Sharon Volansky-Gerard, R.N. M.A ~ is a Pathwork Helper and Licensed Psychologist Master.  She has worked in the area of trauma for thirty years and began studying the Pathwork in 2000. “I love the ways the teachings of the Guide weave together with my background in Mental Health.  As workers resolve their history of childhood abuse and neglect, the teachings of the 50/50 supports them in reclaiming their lives, moving from surviving to thriving.” Sharon works with individuals and facilitates groups using art as a healing modality.  She can be reached at 802-253-2225 or svgerard@together.net.

Mary Jane Ihasz , aka MJ, found the Pathwork Lectures while she was a student at the Barbara Brennan School in 1999, and knew she had found her path home to her Real Self (the God that I AM). Her longing is to support the evolution of consciousness in Pathwork classes, Lecture Studies and in private sessions - one soul at a time, in a loving and gentle way. She is a Pathwork Helper and has a private healing practice (in which she combines the energy work of Brennan Healing Science and the consciousness work of the Pathwork)  in Manchester, Vermont and in North Carolina, where she lives half of the year. She is married and has three grown daughters.

She can be reached at 802-236-1204 or mjhasz@aol.com​​.

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